Wendy Kirkland, Options Trader Review

January 7, 2023

Hey, It’s Jenna,

I have received a few emails this past week asking if I know anything about an Options Trader by the name of Wendy Kirkland.

I’m doing some research on her still and will update this article after I do some more research, but everything I’m finding SO FAR tells me that she’s 100% Legit as a successful options trader, and has successful students too (which is even more important)!

More Info on Wendy Kirkland

Wendy Kirkland, Options Trader
Wendy Kirkland, Options Trader

She used to run a small gift shop in a small town called Asheville, North Carolina and discovered/fell into trading my mistake while simply reading books on making money!

Long story short, while she did not go the penny stocks route, like Timothy Sykes, she became obsessed, dove into books, watched financial news, took courses, and actually got quite good!

Since writing her first book in 2009, she has taught hundreds of traders about these three instruments to trade:

1) Stocks
2) Indexes, and…
3) ETF or Exchange Traded Funds.

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By the way, if Wendy Kirkland is not for you – you may like the Power Gauge Report, by Marc Chaikin! It’s one of my FAVORITE Stock Investing Newsletters & tools, you can read my full review of it here: Power Gauge Report Review

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