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The mission of Stock Hitter is to educate people about the world of stocks and how it affects them as investors through writing about topics like "What Is A Short Sale Restriction?" or "How Do Beginners Trade Stocks?".

Our goal is to help people understand this complicated market and give them tools they need in order to invest wisely for their future.

Meet Our Team

Jenna Lofton - Founder

Jenna Lofton Featured

Jenna Lofton is a former financial advisor, an investor, stock trader, and small business owner currently living in New York City.

Jenna holds an MBA in Finance, as well as an MBA in Business Administration from the University of Maryland. 

Her experience also includes several years working at different firms on Wall Street before deciding to pursue higher education and her own endeavors.


Jenna Lofton NYC Photoshoot

Bobby Segura - Director Of Marketing

Bobby is a marketing nerd with a degree from UCLA In Marketing. He's not the type of guy who likes to take things slow, he gets bored easily. He loves creativity and thinking of new ways to market his clients' products that get people talking.

He has been in the industry for over 5 years now and still enjoys every day at work as much as the first day on the job. Bobby also knows that there are always new ways to learn about marketing and he never stops trying to learn more about it so he can be better than yesterday!

Bobby Segura, Director of Marketing

Thomas J. Gregory - Copywriter

Thomas is a marketing wizard and copywriter extraordinaire.

He has always had an interest in communication, which led him to pursue a degree in Marketing at MIT. After college he joined Stock Hitter where he honed his skills as an art director before becoming our Head Copywriter.

Tommy enjoys spending time with his wife and daughter, cooking for them, watching movies together on weekends, and traveling whenever they can get away!

Thomas J. Gregory