Profits Unlimited Review (Paul Mampilly, I Bought It!)

Profits Unlimited (Paul Mampilly) Review

Hey All, James Lofton here and thanks for stopping by to check out my Profits Unlimited Review, (The Paul Mampilly & Banyan Hill Publishing​)

You know, I'm sick and tired of those so-called "Fake Reviews" out there that "review" a product without even trying it out, SO - I did something about it!

I actually joined Profits Unlimited by Paul Mampilly, so I could give you a REAL & Unbiased Review of it! 🙂

That being said, let's get to the reason you're here:

What Is Profits Unlimited by Paul Mampilly about?

I bought it, so I can show you! 🙂

Profits Unlimited (Paul Mampilly) Review

I'm a bit of a skeptic by nature, it's why I've gotten so far in life and been as successful as I've been.  Many people say "oh, you're just Blessed James", but that has nothing to do with it.

​I'm successful because I don't ​fall for Bullshit, so you can KNOW when you read any review by me, on or off of, that it's a 100% BULLSHIT FREE Review!

If something sucks, I'll let you know - but on the other hand, if it's the best thing since Bitcoin Hitting $25,000 - I'll let you know! 😉

I don't NEED to do these reviews, but I truly enjoy helping people, and I hate getting emails that people got scammed by some BS product because they didn't check with me first, or do their own research.

That being said, I ​joined Profits Unlimited ​in order to not only review it for myself, but so I could give you a REAL & Unbiased Review of it!

My Profits Unlimited Payment Confirmation

A Little History on Profits Unlimited

Paul Mampilly on Fox Business

Wall Street Insider Paul Mampilly, Creator of Profits Unlimited

​Paul Mampilly created Profits Unlimited ​in 2016 with one thing in mind - finding stocks that go up!

​Paul Mampilly is getting in on the ground floor in ​'next-level' companies that are about to explode higher — the types of companies most investors don’t ​notice until it’s far too late.

As a result of his recommendations, people from all over the world have written in to Banyan Hill & Paul to report gains of $16,000, $18,268, $77,150, $109,115 - and even $250,000.

Now, while I only Joined This year in 2019, Members that have traded Paul's Recommendations have potentially seen ​some pretty amazing gains:

  • 75.62% Gains in 2016
  • 139.34% Gains in 2017
  • 42% Gains in 2018

​...2019 is looking great so far with the FIR ST recommendation for the year (In January) going up 14.64% (the time of my writing this is Mid January, 2019 - I'll update it again when I have time!)

Take a look at the Model Portfolio from their members area.  These are all of the major picks since Profits Unlimited was created in 2016, do the math yourself, the above gains I quoted were not made up.  

Profits Unlimited Model Portfolio

​Profits Unlimited Model Portfolio

Inside the Members Area

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Inside the Profits Unlimited Members area, you have a few main sections.

​The Model Portfolio

See the image above, the Profits Unlimited Portfolio shows EVERY stock on Paul's current "Buy Now" list.  He gives one stock recommendation every month at the minimum, sometimes 2 or 3 if he feels it's a good investment.

As I mentioned above, ​I only Joined This year in 2019, however - members that have ​been given some pretty solid recomendations, that resulted in (overall) Yearly Gains looking like this:

  • 75.62% Gains in 2016
  • 139.34% Gains in 2017
  • 42% Gains in 2018

Click the above portfolio image yourself to view a larger version, it's a pretty impressive portfolio!

Weekly Updates

​Every WEEK, Paul Reaches out to you with updates on the stocks current positions, and what's going on with the markets.  You'll never be left in the dark and wondering "what's going on with this stock"

Trade Alerts

​When it's time to CASH IN on an existing position (stock purchase), Paul will send you an email explaining EXACTLY what you need to do.  It's pretty easy to make the trade on your computer, desktop, even your smartphone - so you don't have to worry if you're a hour away from home.

Monthly Briefing

​This is MOST members favorite part, mine included!  Every 30 days or so, Paul jumps head first into a specific topic, USUALLY centered around an investment he's currently targeting.

​You'll accompany him as he meets with leaders in the industry, and he'll teach you what he discovers as he does his deep-dive into the trade for that month.

You Also Get...

  • Access to the Website 24/7
  • A Dedicated Customer Service Team - just call or shoot them an email and they'll walk you through whatever you need.

Getting Started Guides

There are 2 books you can download in this portion of the Profits Unlimited Website:

  1. Beginners Guide to Investing - Whether you're a novice or a person looking to simply enhance your investing skills, you will find all of it here.  This book is 42 pages long, and goes into things such as:
    1. ​The Basics of Stock Market INvesting
    2. A Overview of the Stock Market
    3. How to Make Money with Scotks
    4. Targeting the Best Stocks
    5. ​And More.
  2. ​The Profits Unlimited Trading Manual​ - This book is exactly what it sounds like, it's an "A-Z Guide" for successfully trading with Paul Mampilly and his team. ​​​

Special Reports

There are a total of 8 Special Reports you can download here, I'm not going to list them all but they contain the 3 shown on the sales presentation page, and 5 others.

What Readers Are Saying

You WON'T find these on the sales page, but this is a nice collection of REAL Feedback from REAL Profits Unlimited Newsletter members!

Obviously you're already a member by the time you get to these, but they're nice to read and pretty good motivation!

​If you want to join WITHOUT having to watch the entire sales presentation, I was able to get you a direct shortcut to the cart!

Here's the link to Sign Up:

Skip the Presentation & Join Now

Profits Unlimited Review

My Profits Unlimited Review & Final Verdict

My Profits Unlimited Review & Final Verdict

​Honestly, I REALLY like this a lot.  I ONLY heard about it this month (January, 2019), and haven't had the chance to make my first trade YET - however I'm looking forward to February's when I CAN make my first investment!

Like I said and showed you above, I ​joined this because it passed my "BS" Meter, and so far I'm VERY impressed!

It's VERY important to keep in mind there are ZERO Guarantees with investments.  You might make a ton, you might lose some - so ONLY Invest what you can afford to lose.

​A​lso worth pointing out: the 100% 12 MONTH Money Back Guarantee is pretty freaking refreshing!​

My Recommendation

​This is ONE OF THE BEST Investment Newsletters I've seen in the past 3 years.

It's very clear that Paul Mampilly really does know his stuff and walks the walk.

That being said, for just $79.00 - you CAN'T go wrong.  It's MUCH more affordable than those $3,000 or $5,000 per year stock or cryptocurrency investing newsletters​. 

​Overall, Profits Unlimited has performed pretty well, and people are very happy with the recommendations.

Join Now, I don't think you'll regret it. :-)​

Sharing is Caring! :-)