McCall Report Review

January 23, 2023

The McCall Report Review
Jenna here with my McCall Report Review, by Matt McCall of Stansberry Research.

For those who aren't familiar with me, my name is Jenna Lofton, I'm a financial expert living in New York City.  

I've been trading/investing for over 11 years, and what's more important is that I never review a product unless I go through the materials first and make sure they're going to deliver what they promise.

That was certainly the case with The McCall Report, so let's get started!

What IS The McCall Report all about?

I joined The McCall Report, so I can show you!

The McCall Report Members Area

To be honest, I've known about Matt for quite some time now, but I've never taken the time to properly check out his offerings or the McCall report until now - so let's dig in!

...But first...let's meet the man himself...

Who exactly is Matt McCall?

Matt McCall Investor

Matt began his career as a stockbroker at Charles Schwab before moving to a startup, Wall Street Radio, where he worked as both a stockbroker and a technical analyst. Matt was the co-host of Winning on Wall Street, a daily national radio program, at Wall Street Radio. In 2004, Matt launched Penn Financial Group – an asset management firm for high-net-worth individuals.

He authored two investing books. One of which currently sells on Amazon for over $700. He's been featured in the Wall Street Journal and countless other financial websites…

And has appeared over 1,000 times as a featured financial expert on Fox News, Fox Business, Bloomberg, CNBC, and CNN

Matt McCall launched The McCall Report in October 2021, with the belief that the decade ahead of us – the Roaring 2020s – will bring tremendous growth to companies that are embracing the monumental changes set to occur over the next 10 years.

Is Matt McCall Legit?

Yes, he most definitely is legit, some may say he's too legit to quit... 😏

It's likely that you've seen Matt on financial television news programs before, since he's made over 1,000 TV appearances throughout his career and has been interviewed in well-known publications including The Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg Businessweek, Fox Business News, and others.

He is also a regular contributor on shows like Making Money with Charles Payne, where he provides financial advice.

These days, McCall mostly focuses on his research services. Some of his most well-known services such as the McCall report, and early stage investor.

Matt is a well-known research figure with a long list of accomplishments. His experience working at a top financial research firm allows him to provide stock trading insights as an excellent source of knowledge.

HERE'S why I love the McCall report and feel you will too!

There are a handful of innovations that will transform our world the way the railroad did in the 1800s… the way the automobile did in the 1900s… and the way the Internet is doing now.

These changes will take place in:

  • The automotive industry, with electric vehicles and self-driving car
  • In communications, with 5G, artificial intelligence, cybersecurity, and data management
  • And in health care, with digital health and gene therapy.

These are industries that are likely to grow 100 times – even 1,000 times – over the coming years… while delivering their investors life-changing gains.

In The McCall Report, lead analyst Matt McCall will share with you the companies leading this technological revolution. Most of these companies are ones you have never heard of... others are on their way to becoming household names.

Regardless, each of the companies that lead analyst Matt McCall recommends could make you 3X, 5X, and in some cases, more than 10X your money. But the risk is not small. There will be stocks that never leave the launchpad.

That's why he suggests the basket approach when building a portfolio. I'll recommend a handful or so of stocks to add to your portfolio – all from the same sector or hypergrowth megatrend.

Of course, the hope is that every stock will go up... way up. But the reality is that one or two or even three might not do so well.

However, the ones that go up should more than compensate for the laggards.

What's Included With Your Membership?

Fantastic question, and quite a lot comes when you join the McCall report.

Issues & Updates

Issues & Updates

The McCall Report is published on the first Monday of every month, after stock market trading hours, around 6 p.m.

Special Reports

These are the special reports included at no extra cost with your McCall Report membership.  While more are sure to come and be added, for now they just include these two powerful reports:

Exclusive Issue #1: How Auto-Industry Disruption Can Lead to Triple-Digit Gains
Matt McCall just shared the name and ticker of one of his top stock picks. In this free special report, he’ll tell you all about this amazing way to play the future of electric vehicles – including all of Matt’s in-depth due diligence and buying instructions.

Exclusive Issue #2: How to Profit from the Rapid Changes in Health Care
Matt McCall reveals the most exciting day of his life with McCall Report members… and how it’s about to yield one of the best investment opportunities in a lifetime. This investing megatrend is about to accelerate in a big way – and Matt’s pinpointed his favorite stock to help you dive in.

The Stock Portfolio

Model Portfolio

Now THIS I cannot share, as I'd rather not lose access to my MyCall Report membership, or get sued for doing so! LOL

This portfolio contains a list of ALL of Matt McCall's stock investment recommendations, including the recommended date, the price at recommendation, the recent price, the return, and advice (buy or sell).

I want to remind you, most of these picks are long term holds (6+ months), and the newsletter just began in October of 2021, so the list is fairly short, for now.

My Review & Final Verdict

While the McCall report is new, so far I absolutely LOVE it!

Matt McCall clearly knows his stuff as a trader and investor, and while not all his picks are going to be perfect (who's are?), I feel that the wins should easily carry the losses!

The McCall Report newsletter presents beginner & experienced traders access to his brain, and top stock picks. While his picks are USUALLY within the health and transportation sectors, he's been known to recommend gold and A.I. stocks in previous businesses, so it's possible those may make an appearance again here too!

My recommendation - pick up the McCall Report now for up to 75% of it's normal price, and take advantage of the 100% risk-free guarantee to get all your money back in the next 30 days if you're not happy for any reason.

If this is not your thing, you may like the Power Gauge Report, by Marc Chaikin! You can read my full review of it here: Power Gauge Report Review

About the author 

Jenna Lofton, an expert in stock trading, investing, and financial planning, combines over a decade of experience with rigorous academic training. Holding dual MBAs in Finance and Business Administration from the University of Maryland, Jenna's expertise is grounded in a deep understanding of the financial markets. Her career, which started on Wall Street, has evolved into empowering others through her insights and analyses in the dynamic world of finance.

Based in New York City, Jenna's approach is informed by her hands-on experience as a former financial advisor and her keen observation of market trends. She is known for translating complex financial concepts into actionable strategies, making her a valuable resource for both seasoned investors and newcomers to the stock market. Her commitment to financial literacy and her ability to demystify investment principles have made her a respected and authoritative voice in the investment community.

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