Fry’s Investment Report Review (Real Member, May 31 Update)

April 19, 2023

Fry's Investment Report Review

Hello there! It's Jenna again, back with my latest review, and this time, it's all about Eric Fry's Investment Report. As you might know, I keep a close eye on the financial world, and Eric Fry's name is one that often makes headlines.

So when I had the chance to explore Fry's Investment Report, I was eager to see what it's all about. Trust me when I say, I wasn't disappointed with Fry's Investment Report!

I'm a firm believer in getting hands-on experience before sharing my opinion, and that's precisely what I've done with Eric Fry's Investment Report. So, without further ado, let's dive in!

What IS Eric Fry's Investment Report?

I got it, so I can show you!

Fry's Investment Report

In this review, I'll take you behind the scenes to give you the inside scoop on Eric Fry's Investment Report.

 ...But before we get there...let's meet the man himself, Eric Fry

Eric Fry Review

Eric Fry Review

Eric Fry is a highly skilled stock analyst with a talent for capturing the larger perspective.

As a macro investor, Eric Fry plays a vital role in detecting market trends, specifically within tech stocks, tech companies, etc.

Throughout his lengthy finance career, Eric has honed his expertise by using international investment strategies, trading stocks, options, and more.

Before collaborating with InvestorPlace, Eric Fry took on a variety of positions, such as a broker, entrepreneur, analyst, and expert portfolio manager.

He even led a high-performing hedge fund at one stage.

But his achievements don't end there:

"In 2016, Eric Fry won the Portfolios with Purpose competition — Wall Street’s most prestigious investment competition — beating 650 of the biggest names in finance with a 12-month return of 150%."

— InvestorPlace Media

There are plenty of promising emerging technologies out there.

However, it takes someone with keen insight into other business models and extensive experience to differentiate between successful ventures and unsuccessful ones.

Eric reports that at least 40 stocks he has recommended have offered the chance for 1,000x returns.

Is Eric Fry Legit? Is Fry's Investment Report Legitimate?

Absolutely! Eric Fry has built a reputation for his astute investment analysis and his ability to uncover hidden gems. If it's under the Fry Financials umbrella, such as Fry's Investment Report, you know you're in good hands!

What is InvestorPlace Media?

InvestorPlace Media is a well-established publishing company that offers numerous reputable stock market analysis services in its repertoire.

Established by Tom Phillips over four decades ago, the company underwent a change in ownership in 2017.

S&A Holdings, LLC acquired the company, yet it has maintained the same level of expertise and quality that has been its hallmark for the past 40 years.

Among the research firm's most notable offerings are:

Essentially, InvestorPlace serves as a hub for elite investment professionals who focus on specific market segments, enabling people to explore new aspects of the stock market.

InvestorPlace has a proven track record as a legitimate publisher, consistently delivering successful outcomes for more than 40 years.

The company is home to some of the most brilliant minds in the investment world.

What's Included With Your Fry's Investment Report Membership from Fry Financials?

A lot, actually...

With the latest package, Fry's Investment Report provides a comprehensive lineup of investment analysis and more:

Annual Subscription to Fry’s Investment Report Newsletter

Fry's Investment Report Members Area

Members receive a new issue of Eric’s flagship newsletter on the second Friday of every month, right after market close.

Each issue of Fry's Investment Report offers the following:

  • A stock recommendation

  • market commentary

  • and supporting analysis

Occasionally, the team releases up to two recommendations if they are especially bullish on an additional investment idea.

The newsletter by Eric Fry focuses on multi-year positions and international equities and macro investment events.

Model Portfolio

Model Portfolio

Admit it, THIS is the reason you're here - and there's nothing wrong with that!  

Sorry, I can't share them! I lose my membership and face possible legal trouble if I do! 

All of Fry’s Investment Report's open positions are logged into its model portfolio, giving members immediate access to the team’s recent entries. 

Past issues of the newsletter are also accessible, allowing members to explore the team’s analysis and reasons for each stock pick.

Past Eric Fry Stock Picks and Special Reports Archive

Past Eric Fry Stock Picks and Special Reports Archive

Members receive access to the team’s past stock picks and Eric Fry's research reports, including hidden gems, ETFs, and precious metals.

These resources are valuable for investors looking to diversify their portfolios, and the long-term holding periods align with a long-haul investment strategy.

These include the following:

  • EXCLUSIVE REPORT: The Project Titan Prospectus: How to Cash In on Apple’s Next Potential Trillion-Dollar Product: Unlock the secrets of Apple's Project Titan and discover how to position yourself for potential profits as this revolutionary product takes the market by storm.

  • BONUS REPORT #1: The Projected $46 Trillion Transportation Revolution Playbook: Tap into the future of transportation with this playbook, which explores the key players and investment trends driving this multi-trillion-dollar industry.

  • BONUS REPORT #2: The Quickening: 4 Tech Stocks That Could Change Society Forever: Gain exclusive access to four tech stocks that have the potential to disrupt industries and transform the way we live, work, and connect.

  • ...AND more...

Is Fry's Investment Report Legit? Review & Final Verdict

As a member of Eric Fry's Investment Report, I'm thoroughly impressed with the value and insights provided by this service.

The team at Fry Financials delivers exceptional customer support, and the dedication of Eric Fry to helping investors succeed is evident.

Fry's Investment Report offers top-tier investment education, stock picks, and market analysis, with Eric's expertise and ability to spot investment trends making him a valuable guide. The service goes above and beyond, combining fundamental and technical analysis to identify compelling opportunities.

As a member, you'll receive carefully selected stock picks, insights from an investment expert, updates on market trends & big picture trends, and guidance to achieve your financial goals.

What About A Money Back Guarantee?

YES!! If you're not satisfied, there's a refund policy for peace of mind. However, I'm confident you'll find value in Eric Fry's content and expertise.

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So, Is Fry's Investment report legit?

YES! Fry's Investment Report is a must-have for serious investors. You'll be part of a community of like-minded individuals, with Eric Fry's transparency and authenticity adding to the service's appeal.

In conclusion, I highly recommend Fry's Investment Report and look forward to seeing you thrive as a member.

Happy investing! 🙂


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Who is Eric Fry?

A: Eric Fry is a renowned investment expert and financial analyst. He is known for his ability to identify lucrative investment opportunities and provide valuable market insights. Eric is the founder of Fry Financials, an investment research firm, and the brain behind Fry's Investment Report, a popular investment newsletter.

Q: What is Fry's Investment Report?

A: Fry's Investment Report is a monthly investment newsletter created by Eric Fry. The report provides subscribers with stock recommendations, market commentary, supporting analysis, and insights into trends and opportunities. The newsletter focuses on long-term positions and aims to empower investors with the knowledge and tools to succeed in the market.

Q: How often is Fry's Investment Report published?

A: The newsletter is published monthly, with new issues released on the second Friday of every month, right after market close. Subscribers receive timely stock picks, analysis, and market updates.

Q: What type of investment opportunities does Fry's Investment Report cover?

A: It  covers a wide range of investment opportunities, including stocks, emerging markets, and macro investment events. Eric Fry's expertise allows him to identify potential investment opportunities in both bull and bear markets, and his recommendations often include hidden gems and innovative sectors.

Q: Is Fry's Investment Report suitable for all types of investors?

A: Yes, it is suitable for both seasoned investors and those just starting their investment journey. The newsletter provides clear, easy-to-understand analysis and recommendations, making it accessible to investors of all levels of experience.

Q: Does Fry's Investment Report include a model portfolio?

A: Yes, it includes a model portfolio where all open positions are logged. Subscribers can access the model portfolio to review the newsletter's recent entries and explore the team's analysis and reasons for each stock pick.

Q: Does Fry's Investment Report offer a refund policy or a money-back guarantee?

A: Yes, It offers a refund policy or money-back guarantee for subscribers. The terms of the guarantee may vary, so it's important to review the specific details provided during the subscription process.

Q: Does Eric Fry provide additional resources and special reports to subscribers?

A: Yes, subscribers to Fry's Investment Report often receive access to special reports, research reports, past stock picks, and valuable resources covering various investment themes and opportunities. These reports provide in-depth analysis and help subscribers diversify their portfolios.

About the author 

Jenna Lofton, the founder of, has been actively trading stocks and investing for nearly 11 years.

She holds an MBA in Finance, and another in Business Administration, and lives in Staten Island, NY.

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