Best 10 Beer Stocks in 2024: Raise a Glass to Profits

April 8, 2024


Top Beer Stocks: Raise a Glass to Profits in 2024

Forget boring index funds, beer stocks are where the real action is. The world will always need a drink, and these companies are poised to cash in. Don't miss out on the potential profits brewing in this sector for 2024.

Anheuser-Busch InBev SA/NV (BUD)

Dynamic Stock Chart for TICKER BUD The undisputed king of the beer world. They own iconic global brands and have a massive international footprint.

  • Global Reach: Exposure to growing emerging markets is a potential growth driver.
  • Recession-Resistant?: People usually find money for drinks even in tough times.

Constellation Brands, Inc. (STZ)

Dynamic Stock Chart for TICKER STZ They own popular brands like Corona and Modelo, plus have a growing stake in the cannabis market. This combo could be a recipe for success as cannabis legalization potentially spreads.

  • Mexican Beer Powerhouse: Top player in a fast-growing segment of the US beer market.
  • Weed Connection: Their investment in Canopy Growth could pay off big in the future.

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Heineken NV (HEINY)

Dynamic Stock Chart for TICKER HEINY A European brewing behemoth with a growing international presence. Their portfolio includes popular beer brands and a growing stake in the hard seltzer market.

  • Global Player: Success isn't tied to a single market, reducing their geographic risk.
  • Brand Power: Strong brands like Heineken give them an edge on the shelves.

Molson Coors Beverage Company (TAP)

Dynamic Stock Chart for TICKER TAP A giant brewer with both legacy brands and a growing craft beer portfolio. This mix could be the perfect recipe to appeal to a wide range of drinkers.

  • Wide Moat: Their mix of mass-market and craft beers gives them more ways to win.
  • Cost Control: Focus on efficiency is important in a competitive industry.

Diageo plc (DEO)

Dynamic Stock Chart for TICKER DEO Known primarily for spirits (think Guinness!), but they're also moving into the beer and ready-to-drink categories. This diversification could pay off as drinkers' tastes change.

  • More than Booze: Less dependent on any single beverage market trend.
  • Premium Focus: High-end brands can command higher prices and better margins.

Boston Beer Company, Inc. (SAM)

Dynamic Stock Chart for TICKER SAM The maker of Samuel Adams is one of the biggest players in the craft beer scene. Their wide range of brews and established brand name give them an edge.

  • Craft Pioneer: Well-positioned to profit from continued popularity of craft beer.
  • Innovation Matters: Their ability to launch new successful flavors will be key.

Craft Brew Alliance (BREW)

Dynamic Stock Chart for TICKER BREW Owns popular craft brands like Kona Brewing and Redhook. A focused play on the continued growth of the craft beer market in the US.

  • Craft Focused: Betting on drinkers wanting unique and flavorful beers.
  • Acquisition Target: Could be bought out by a larger brewer looking to expand its craft portfolio.

Carlsberg A/S (CABGY)

Dynamic Stock Chart for TICKER CABGY Another European brewing giant with a global network of brands. Betting on their diverse brand portfolio and international reach to drive growth.

  • European Power: Well-established presence in Europe gives them a solid foundation.
  • Emerging Market Focus: Expanding into new markets could be a growth driver.

Kirin Holdings Co Ltd (KNBWY)

Dynamic Stock Chart for TICKER KNBWY A Japanese brewer with a diversified portfolio of beer and non-alcoholic drinks. They're focused on growth in Asia and through international partnerships.

  • Asia Angle: Betting on rising demand for beer and beverages in Asian markets.
  • Beyond Beer: Their diverse products could offer some stability if beer trends change.

The Bottom Line

Crying about inflation won't get you a cold beer. Winners invest in the companies making the stuff everyone wants to drink.

These beer stocks are your ticket to refreshing your portfolio in 2024. Do your own homework, pick your battles wisely, and maybe – just maybe – you'll be raising a glass to your profits.

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