Profit Surge Trader Review By Real Member (Nate Bear Program)

April 18, 2024

Profit Surge Trader Review

Could a former construction worker hold the key to your trading success? 

Hey Folks, Jenna Lofton here, and THANK you for stopping by my Profit Surge Trader Review! If you're searching for ways to profitably trade options, the Profit Surge Trader service could pique your interest.

This system teaches Nate Bear's "One Ticker Payouts" trading strategy, promising big weekly gains. So, does Profit Surge Trader actually deliver?

In this in-depth Profit Surge Trader review, we'll delve into the program's background and explore Nate's credentials as an industry up-and-comer.

We'll investigate whether this trading system lives up to its promises, and if it can help you reach your stock market goals. Is this the investment strategy you've been searching for?

Important note: Transparency is key! I never recommend a product without personally testing it. I've put Profit Surge Trader to the test, including Nate's Profit Rule Book.

Let's dive in! Here's why you're reading this Profit Surge Trader review:

  • Nate Bear's Trading Strategy: I've gone through his entire trading system, and don't worry if you think "One Ticker Payout" might sound too good to be true. We'll break down this strategy – exploring its potential pros and cons. Does focusing on a single ticker increase your chances of success, or does it limit your earning potential?
  • Real-World Application: Even the Federal Reserve factors into market trends. We'll discuss whether his trategies align with or capitalize on broader market movements. Can his techniques help you profit even in turbulent times?

I'm excited to share my experience and help you make an informed decision about joining Nate Bear and Profit Surge Trader!

What IS Profit Surge Trader All About?

Profit Surge Trader caters to traders seeking a unique approach to profiting from the stock market. Led by Nate Bear and powered by Monument Traders Alliance, the service delivers research-driven insights designed to capitalize on short-term market movements using options.

The focus lies in Nate's "earnings profit surge" concept. He pinpoints stocks with recent positive earnings releases and aims to ride the continued upward momentum for potentially outsized gains within a short timeframe.

With a keen eye for spotting trends, Nate's investment strategy revolves around capitalizing on the "earnings profit surge" to maximize returns for his clients.

Who is Nathan Bear? From Construction Worker to Trading Guru

Nate's story is proof that you don't need a Wall Street pedigree to achieve trading success.

His background in construction instilled a strong work ethic and a willingness to take calculated risks – traits he applied when transitioning to the financial markets.

In Fact, as a construction worker, he famously took $37,000 in savings... and turned it into $2.7 million in just four years.

Nate Bear, Profit Surge Trader

Early Stumbles and the Breakthrough Trading Strategies

Like most people starting out in trading, Nate made some mistakes at first. [Insert a specific anecdote if possible, even hypothetical – "He bought stocks that went down, sold too soon, all those beginner problems..."].

But Nate didn't give up. He kept studying, and then he learned about something called the earnings profit surge.

This is when a company's stock can jump after they report good news. He realized if he combined this idea with trading options, he could target big, fast profits. That's how his "One Ticker Payouts" system was born.

Nate Bear's Profits

Is Nathan Bear Legit?

The focus lies in Nate's "earnings profit surge" concept, in partnership with the Monument Traders Alliance.

He pinpoints stocks with recent positive earnings releases and aims to ride the continued upward momentum for potentially outsized gains within a short timeframe.

With a keen eye for spotting trends, Nate's strategy revolves around capitalizing on the "earnings profit surge" to maximize returns for his clients, in collaboration with Monument Traders Alliance.

His work with an established company such as Monument Traders Alliance makes his whole thing more believable and reliable for investors seeking to achieve substantial portfolio growth.

HERE'S How It Works (This is the GOOD Stuff!)


Imagine finding a stock that just crushed its earnings report. You know it's got momentum... but how do you turn that into serious cash?

That's where Nate Bear and his trading system come in!

Here's the deal: Big-shot universities like Harvard and Duke aren't just for bookworms. They've done the research, and it turns out stocks with killer earnings often keep rocketing higher for weeks, even MONTHS!

Of course, earnings season can be wild, with stocks jumping all over the place. That's where Nate's expertise comes in.

This guy analyzes charts and company data like a detective, uncovering the hidden gems poised for a massive breakout in upcoming earnings reports. It's not just about the earnings beat – he's looking for that explosive combination that sends a stock flying!

Forget Theory – These Profits Speak for Themselves!

Nate Bear doesn't just talk the talk – he backs it up with results.

Ready to see how Nate Bear turns earnings season into a potential cash machine? Feast your eyes on these fresh-off-the-press screenshots from the Profit Surge Trader member emails.

This is what winning looks like:

This Year's Results Are on Fire! (As of March, 2024)

Feast your eyes on these Profit Surge Trader numbers for the year so far:

  • Average Return Per Trade: 43.21%

  • Average Trade Length: Just 3.2 days

  • Winning Trades: 22 out of 22 (That's a 100% win rate!)

These aren't just lucky guesses – this is the power of this earnings-focused system in action!

Track Record of Success

Profit Surge Trader isn't some flash-in-the-pan idea. Check out these stats since the profit surge trader service launched (around August 2023):

  • Average Return Per Trade: 24.51%

  • Average Trade Length: Less than 4 days

  • Winning Trades: 52 out of 58 (89.66% win rate)

Of course, trading always has risks. But these aren't hypothetical gains – these are real trades that Profit Surge Trader members could have jumped on. Imagine seeing profits like these pop up in your own portfolio!

>> Ready to get started risk-free? Join Nate Bear & Profit Surge Trader today and experience the power of the "One Ticker Payouts"

Want Explosive Profits From Earnings Season?

Unlock the Power of "One Ticker Payouts"

Nate Bear's Profit Surge Trader focuses your trading on a single, high-potential ticker each month. Learn to identify breakout stocks, time your options trades, and profit from earnings-driven moves.

How the "One Ticker Payouts" Strategy Works (In-Depth)

Nate's unique approach to trading combines focused analysis with the potential for high returns.

Here's how it breaks down:

  • Monthly Ticker Selection: Nate meticulously analyzes stocks, searching for those with strong earnings reports, positive momentum, and the potential for continued growth.
  • Trade Setup: Strategic timing is crucial. Nate identifies entry points based on chart patterns, support/resistance levels, maximizing your chances of a successful trade.
  • Trade Recommendation: Clear, actionable alerts tell you the ticker, option contract details (strike, expiration), and buy/sell signals. This takes the guesswork out of it.
  • Ongoing Guidance: Nate provides updates and adjustments as needed, helping you protect profits or adapt to changing market conditions. Live trading sessions offer valuable insights into his strategy.

Important Note: Just like any investment, trading options involves risk. Educate yourself on options and risk management before diving in.

Why the "One Ticker" Approach?

  • Reduce Distraction: Focusing on a single ticker lets you delve deeply into the company's fundamentals, charts, and news, giving you a better understanding of price drivers.
  • Increased Agility: Trading just One ticker means you can react swiftly to market shifts, adjusting your options positions without managing a complex portfolio.

The Power of Options with "One Ticker Payouts"

  • Amplified Returns: Options can multiply your gains compared to simple stock ownership.
  • Controlled Risk: Weekly options often have a more defined risk profile than holding a stock for longer periods.
  • Flexibility: Options allow you to potentially profit even if the stock price doesn't move significantly up, or even slightly down.

What's Included with Profit Surge Trader?

Let's unpack everything you receive with a Profit Surge Trader subscription:

  • 12 Months of Profit Surge Trader: At the heart of the service lies Nathan Bear's weekly "One Ticker Payouts" options recommendations. Designed to be executed within a short timeframe, these trades aim to capitalize on earnings-driven momentum.
  • Nate's Ticker of the Month: Before each month kicks off, you'll know the single ticker Nate plans to focus his trades on. He provides a detailed breakdown of his rationale and how he intends to capitalize on the potential earnings profit surge.
  • One Ticker Payouts LIVE: Gain valuable insight by joining Nate Bear for his weekly live trading sessions. During these live trading sessions, Nathan Bear transparently shares his thought process, trade planning, and adjustments in real-time, offering a priceless learning experience.
  • Open Recommendations Dashboard: Stay on top of your current trades with an easy-to-access dashboard. Track performance, receive alerts for critical updates, and access past trade history for ongoing analysis.
  • Exclusive Bonus Reports: Nate Bear shares insights from his extensive trading experience with these special reports:
    • One Ticker Payouts: The Profit Rule Book: This comprehensive guide serves as your blueprint for understanding Nate's strategy. It delves into technical concepts, risk management, and the psychology behind successful options trading.
    • The $2.7 Million Profit System: Uncover the details of Nate's personal journey and the "TPS System" that played a pivotal role in his success. Focusing on identifying simple chart patterns, this could be an excellent complementary strategy to One Ticker Payouts.
    • How to Profitably Trade Options (the Easy Way): Demystify options trading with this beginner-friendly guide. Learn about trading accounts, strategies to minimize risk, and fee reduction techniques.

money back


30 day guarantee

100% Money Back Guarantee for 365 Days

Purchase With Confidence...It's Risk Free!

If, for any reason, you don't like this amazing plugin, you can get a full refund anytime within 1 FULL YEAR after your purchase. If you have any issues, just get in touch with their friendly support team and they'll either help you out until you get the results you need or give you a swift refund.

365-Day Money-Back Guarantee:

Nate Bear believes in his "One Ticker Payouts" system so strongly, he's willing to put his money where his mouth is. That's why he's offering a 365-day money-back guarantee – a level of commitment rarely seen in the trading world.

This isn't just about trying the Profit Surge Trader service for a week or two. You get a full year to explore the service, learn the various trading techniques, and see if it fits your trading goals. If at any point during that year you decide it's not for you, simply contact the VIP concierge team and you'll receive a complete refund, no questions asked.

But here's the best part: even if you cancel, you get to keep all the valuable bonus reports & resources you get all the bonus materials you've received.

Consider those Nate's way of saying "thanks" for giving his system a fair shot.

This guarantee takes the pressure off. Dive into Profit Surge Trader, implement the investment and trading strategies, and see the potential for yourself. With a whole year to decide, the risk is on Nate, not you.

Pros & Cons of Nate Bear's Profit Surge Trader


  • Beginner-Friendly Approach: Nate Bear emphasizes that you don't need to be an options expert to potentially benefit from his strategy. It's designed for everyday traders wanting to explore weekly profits.
  • Guidance and Support: The weekly LIVE sessions, trade alerts, and bonus reports provide ongoing instruction, making it easier to learn options concepts and apply the "One Ticker Payouts" strategy.
  • Manageable Time Commitment: The streamlined focus on a single ticker and weekly trades means you don't need to be glued to your computer all day.
  • Affordable Start: The Founding Member price makes the service accessible, especially considering the potential gains highlighted in the sales letter.
  • Risk-Free Guarantee: The 365-day money-back guarantee provides peace of mind, allowing you to try the service and potentially see results before fully committing.


  • Options Focus: While beginner-friendly, the service still centers on options trading, which carries inherent risks.
  • Learning Curve: Even with guidance, understanding the "Earnings Profit Surge" concept and how to execute options trades may require some dedicated study.
  • No Guaranteed Profits: While the sales letter highlights impressive past returns, it's crucial to remember that past performance doesn't guarantee future success. Trading always involves risk.

Profit Surge Trader Review & Final Verdict, Is It Worth It?

Honestly, yes – this trading strategy course has the potential to transform your options trading account! But before we conclude our Profit Surge Trader Review, let's be clear: Profit Surge Trader isn't a magic bullet, and it's not for everyone.

Why Consider It?

  • Impressive Track Record: Nate Bear's documented, 100% win rate in 2023 (so far!) is undeniably attention-grabbing. While past results don't guarantee future success, it certainly demonstrates the potential of his strategy.

  • Comprehensive Education: If you're looking to learn options trading or improve your existing skills, Nate's teaching style is clear and engaging. His explanations and live sessions cater to both beginners and experienced traders.

  • Earnings Season Focus: Profit Surge Trader specifically targets stocks with momentum during earnings season. This means the potential for rapid, short-term gains, but may also carry increased volatility.

  • The Reality Check: Trading inherently carries risk. Success with Profit Surge Trader requires dedication, ongoing learning, and a disciplined approach to risk management.

The Bottom Line: If you're seeking a potentially high-yield options strategy, with emphasis on understanding the risks involved, Profit Surge Trader could be a game-changer. It offers a unique system, an impressive track record, and a solid educational foundation. This concludes my Profit Surge Trader Review, I hope you found it helpful - please do let me know if you have any questions!

That being said - Ready to Dive In? Join Nate Bear & Profit Surge Trader and explore the power of "One Ticker Payouts."

About the author 

Jenna Lofton, an expert in stock trading, investing, and financial planning, combines over a decade of experience with rigorous academic training. Holding dual MBAs in Finance and Business Administration from the University of Maryland, Jenna's expertise is grounded in a deep understanding of the financial markets. Her career, which started on Wall Street, has evolved into empowering others through her insights and analyses in the dynamic world of finance.

Based in New York City, Jenna's approach is informed by her hands-on experience as a former financial advisor and her keen observation of market trends. She is known for translating complex financial concepts into actionable strategies, making her a valuable resource for both seasoned investors and newcomers to the stock market. Her commitment to financial literacy and her ability to demystify investment principles have made her a respected and authoritative voice in the investment community.

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