5G Penny Stocks to Buy in 2024

January 19, 2023

5G Penny Stocks To Buy

5g Penny Stocks

Investing in penny stocks is a great idea if you're looking to buy low and to sell high in order to make a sizeable profit. If you're searching for penny stocks in different markets, it's a wise idea to consider investing in 5G penny stocks.

As 5G networks are being rolled out across the globe, in an effort to provide individuals and businesses with faster, more accessible internet.

If you want to be a pioneer in the 5G tech industry and would love to purchase inexpensive 5G shares, simply continue reading in order to discover some of the best 5G penny stocks to buy this year, as investing in the future of 5G may make you a sizeable profit.

5G Penny Stocks to Buy:

ASE Technology Holdings Co. Ltd (NYSE:ASX)

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ASE Technology Holdings Co. Ltd is the first on our list of 5g penny stocks to watch.  They're based out of Taiwan in Asia but conducts business internationally, including in the United States. It primarily produces semiconductor testing and packaging and provides electronic manufacturing services. ASE Technology Holdings Co. Ltd is a relatively safe company to invest in as its shares gradually increase over time and are less volatile than some of the other 5G penny stocks which are on the market. Remember, some penny stocks in the tech industries lose several dollars in value overnight and are risky to invest in. Especially if your knowledge of 5G technology and 5G international rollouts is limited.

There are two primary reasons to invest in 5G tech stocks, you may want to earn passive income in the form of regular dividends or you may be keen on earning capital gains. By purchasing penny stocks low and selling your stocks when they experience a surge in price. Investing in ASE Technology Holdings Co. Ltd is a wise idea as not only is its share price likely to rise but it also offers its investors competitive dividend payments. If you do choose to invest in ASE Technology Holdings Co. Ltd, you even have the option to reinvest your dividend payments into discounted shares, which is a great way to increase the number of shares in your holding.

Borqs Technologies Inc (NASDAQ:BRQS)

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Bors Technologies Inc is the 2nd in our list of 5g penny stocks worth a watch, and is a tech company that focuses on developing embedded software and solutions for the internet of things. Borqs Technologies Inc has been pegged as one of the best up-and-coming tech stocks to watch. Especially after its share price rose more than 30% in the first few months of 2021. This shows that Borqs Technologies Inc definitely has a future in the competitive tech industry.

One major reason why Borqs Technologies Inc's share price rose so quickly was that the company announced that it had signed an official agreement to become a partner of a large industrial 5G park in China. As a result of the deal, Borqs Technologies Inc will have a permanent headquarters in the industrial park, to serve as the base of all of Borqs Technologies Inc's 5G projects in China. The announcement was huge news for Borqs Technologies Inc as it's likely that the company will win a lot of lucrative 5G contracts in China. This is significant as China has the world's largest market for 5G technology and currently has a population of approximately 1.4 billion residents.

Another reason to invest in Borqs Technologies Inc is that it also signed an exciting deal with SkyCentrics, in order to manufacture and develop CTA-2045 technology products for utility-scale automated smart controls.

So if you're keen to invest in 5G businesses that have the ability to seek out and sign high profile, lucrative partnerships and contracts, it's well worth adding some Borqs Technologies Inc share to your investment portfolio. Particularly as their shares are still inexpensively priced and are likely to continue to increase in price for the next few years.

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Communications Systems (NASDAQ: JCS)

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Communications Systems is a US-based company that offers physical connectivity infrastructure for international broadband networks. Communication Systems' primary mission is to enable individuals and businesses to keep connected. While Communications Systems has its roots in the mid-west of the United States, its infrastructure is now in demand in over 100 countries around the world.

If you're keen to invest in inexpensive 5G stocks, it's definitely worthwhile investing in Communications Systems as they provide physical connectivity structure, fiber optics integration, and information technology tools that will help mobile network providers roll out 5G networks around the world. As well as in the United States. Investing in a 5G company that has interests around the globe like Communication Systems, is a great idea as you'll decrease your risk as an investor. As if there is a delay with 5G roll-outs in one region of the world, your investment should continue to gradually increase in price. As 5G rollouts in other regions should be able to keep to schedule.

One reason why many tech investors recommend investing in Communication Systems is that they were once deemed a top runner and enjoyed explosive growth during the last few months of 2020. Many economists believe that with favorable conditions, Communications Systems could once again be a front runner in the tech industry and could reach a new high which could surpass their 2019 share price.

Ericsson (NASDAQ: ERIC):

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Telefonaktiebolaget LM Ericsson is more commonly referred to by Ericsson. Ericsson is a Swedish multinational networking and telecommunications company which is based in Stockholm, Sweden.

The biggest reason to invest in Ericsson is that it recently announced that it had successfully acquired Cradlepoint, a US company that is one of the world leaders when it comes to developing both 4G and 5G solutions. As Ericsson has brought out Cradlepoint, it's very likely that Ericsson will be able to produce its own high-tech 5G solutions. If Ericsson is able to produce innovative 5G solutions as a result of acquiring Cradlepoint, it's likely that Ericsson's share price will continue to soar in the coming 12 months.

KT Corporation (NYSE:KT)

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KT Corporation is the largest telecommunications company in South Korea and serves 90% of Korea. While KT Corporation was once 100% owned by the Korean government, it's now a publically listed company and you can purchase KT Corporation shares on the New York Stock Exchange.

One reason to invest in KT Corporation is that in 2020, KT Corporation announced that it would join some of its rivals, SK Telecom and LG Uplus to invest $22 billion US dollars or 25.7 South Korean won into rolling out 5G infrastructure across South Korea. A target which KT Corporation, SK Telecom, and LG Uplus are scheduled to meet by the end of 2022. Another reason to invest in KT Corporation is that it recently announced that its satellite subsidiary had successfully demonstrated the world's first connectivity between a satellite and a 5G hybrid router.

As KT Corporation is one of the three primary telecommunication companies to provide South Korea with 5G infrastructure, it's highly likely that its share price will continue to rise during this key period. Especially as there is a high demand for 5G technology in South Korea. Due to the fact that South Korea is a high-tech company where a large portion of the country chooses to upgrade their smartphones on a yearly basis.

So if you're looking to invest in 5G stocks and would like to significantly decrease your risk as an investor, it's well worth opting to invest in KT Corporation shares.

Nokia (NYSE: NOK)

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Nokia is a multinational telecommunications company that also produces consumer electronics such as smartphones. As of the start of 2021, Nokia claims to have signed 67 individual 5G contracts. Currently, Nokia also has 19 live 5G networks.

One key reason to invest in Nokia is that it holds a sizeable market share of 27% in China which is one of the largest markets in the world. As there are around 1.4 billion residents in China. Within China, Nokia has won 90% of the 5G contracts which it has bid for, which shows that Nokia has a positive reputation in China. Outside of China, Nokia also has an excellent reputation and Nokia has won 100% of the 5G contracts which it has bid for outside of China.

Another reason why you should consider investing in Nokia is that it's a successful telecommunications company that has a market cap of $22.6 billion. As Nokia is not the largest multinational telecommunications in the world, it's also likely that Nokia will be able to easily increase its market share in the future.

Lastly, you're unlikely to go wrong investing in Nokia shares as its leadership team has recently announced their brand new three-stage strategy to reposition their company in an ever-changing market and to better meet their customers' needs. As Nokia's leadership team have a strong plan for the future of Nokia, it's likely that they've set Nokia up for future success and that Nokia will increase its market share and revenue in the next few years.

UT Starcom Holdings (NASDAQ:UTSI)

Dynamic Stock Chart for TICKER utsi

UT Starcom Holdings is a Chinese-based telecom infrastructure company which is based in Beijing. The core of UT Starcom Holdings' business is developing and providing a wide variety of telecommunication devices to telecom service providers and network operators. Some examples of which include mobile network providers. As 5G networks are being rolled out across China, UT Starcom Holdings is directly involved with the rollout as the telecom service providers who are seeking to install 5G infrastructure will rely on UT Starcom Holdings to provide them with the infrastructure products and services which they require.

It's also well worth investing in UT Starcom Holdings as the company has recently reached a few critical 5G milestones. For example, UT Starcom Holdings has developed and released a 5G optimized disaggregated router platform. As an added bonus, UT Starcom Holdings has also signed further 5G contracts with a variety of major mobile network providers in China.

Apart from helping China roll out 5G networks, UT Starcom Holdings also develops innovative technology for cloud-based services. As cloud-based services are becoming more popular, there is also a chance that UT Starcom Holdings' share price could also increase due to an increase in demand for its cloud-focused technologies.


Dynamic Stock Chart for TICKER veon

Veon Ltd. was founded in Russia and now has its international headquarters in the Netherlands. Veon Lmtd offers telecommunication services in a multitude of countries and has a presence in Asia, Africa, and Europe. To date, Veon Ltd has accumulated 210 million users around the world. Currently, Veon Ltd offers broadband data services, voice services, and a wide array of digital services.

There are a few key reasons why you should consider investing in Veon Ltd. Firstly, Veon Ltd diversifies its portfolio of assets and operations by investing money into various subsidiaries. All of which operate in the tech industry and support Veon Ltd's primary products and services.

Another reason to invest in Veon Ltd is that its leadership has indicated that the company will stop outsourcing its management and network development to third parties. Instead, Veon Ltd will now handle its management and network development in-house. As an example, Veon Ltd has chosen to remove its wireless networks from tech giants Nokia and Huawei in order to look after its own wireless networks. Such a bold move may save Veon Ltd money and may increase the company's share price in the future. As the less dependent Veon Ltd is on third parties, the more revenue it will get to keep.

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So what are you waiting for?

In conclusion. If you are keen on the principle of buying low and selling high and are looking for inexpensive penny shares to purchase which have plenty of potential, it's well worth purchasing shares in a few of the cheaply priced 5G penny stocks which are listed above.

Especially if you'd like to double or triple your initial investment. One tip which you may find useful is to purchase 5G penny stocks in companies that are listed on the New York Stock Exchange but operate in different countries across the globe, such as UT Starcom Holdings which is based in China and Nokia which was founded in Finland.

Any 5g Penny Stocks YOU Would Add to this list?

If there any 5g Penny Stocks YOU'D add to this list, comment below and let me know the what and why!

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