Grab These Bargain Stocks Before They Soar in 2024

April 9, 2024

This post is a detailed overview of the best bargain stocks that you can invest in this year.

Best Bargain Stocks

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The 10 Best Bargain Stocks of 2024

Forget chasing overpriced tech darlings or hyped-up meme stocks. Savvy investors know the real fortunes are made by scooping up undervalued gems. These bargain stocks are trading for pennies on the dollar in 2024 but could deliver massive upside in 2024.

Viatris Inc. (VTRS)

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Formed by the merger of Mylan and Pfizer's Upjohn division, Viatris is a global pharma giant with a diverse portfolio of generic drugs and branded medicines. Despite solid financials, the stock is undervalued and boasts an attractive dividend yield.

  • Global Reach: Viatris sells medicines in over 165 countries.
  • Dividend Payer: Offers income potential on top of share price appreciation.
  • Pricing Pressures: The generics market is competitive and faces pricing headwinds.

Organon & Co. (OGN)

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Spun off from Merck in 2021, Organon focuses on women's health and biosimilar drugs. Its strong product portfolio and promising pipeline could make it a growth story at a bargain price.

  • Women's Health Niche: Focus on an underserved market with growth potential.
  • Biosimilar Push: Could benefit from the growing adoption of biosimilar drugs.
  • Pipeline Dependence: Success hinges on new drug launches and approvals.

Altria Group, Inc. (MO)

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The classic "sin stock", Altria is the parent company of Marlboro cigarettes. While facing long-term headwinds from declining smoking rates, its huge dividend yield and investment in smoke-free alternatives offer potential upside.

  • Dividend King: A long history of returning cash to shareholders.
  • Regulatory Risks: The tobacco industry is heavily regulated and faces ongoing litigation.
  • Beyond Nicotine: Investments in non-combustible products could be a future growth driver.

The New Digital America: How to Profit from the Historic Shift

Texas Oil Stock

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Bed Bath & Beyond Inc. (BBBY)

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The poster child for meme stock mania, Bed Bath & Beyond's share price is wildly volatile. While bankruptcy remains a real possibility, a successful turnaround could send the stock soaring for risk-tolerant traders.

  • Turnaround Play: New management is focused on fixing the struggling retailer.
  • Meme Stock Status: Prone to wild price swings driven by social media sentiment.
  • Bankruptcy Risk: The company is in financial distress and could go out of business.

Rite Aid Corporation (RAD)

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Rite Aid is another struggling retailer that could offer a high-risk, high-reward turnaround play. Their recent deal with Amazon Pharmacy and efforts to streamline operations could fuel a comeback if they can execute successfully.

  • Amazon Partnership: Could boost their pharmacy business and online presence.
  • Debt Burden: High debt levels could hinder a turnaround or increase bankruptcy risk.
  • Turnaround Dependent: Success hinges on management's ability to improve profitability.

Foot Locker Inc. (FL)

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This athletic footwear and apparel retailer has been hit by supply chain woes and shifting consumer preferences. A bounceback in 2024 could lead to a significant share price appreciation from its current depressed levels.

  • Brand Partnerships: Strong relationships with Nike and other top brands.
  • E-commerce Push: Investing in online sales to adapt to changing consumer habits.
  • Competitive Landscape: The retail sector is brutally competitive and cyclical.

Gannett Co., Inc. (GCI)

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Owner of USA Today and numerous local newspapers, Gannett is transitioning to a digital-focused media company. While the newspaper industry faces challenges, Gannett's digital subscription efforts and cost-cutting measures could lead to a surprise turnaround.

  • Digital Transformation: Focus on growing online subscriptions for revenue.
  • Industry Headwinds: Long-term decline of print advertising remains a challenge.
  • Debt Management: Reducing debt is crucial for their long-term survival.

Guess?, Inc. (GES)

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This iconic apparel brand has seen its stock price slump recently due to macroeconomic pressures and fashion trends. A resurgence in demand for their core denim products or successful expansion into new markets could reignite growth.

  • Brand Recognition: Strong brand associated with premium denim and lifestyle products.
  • Global Footprint: Presence in over 100 countries offers diversification.
  • Fashion Fickle: Dependent on staying in style and predicting consumer trends.

Lands' End, Inc. (LE)

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Known for casual clothing and home goods, Lands' End is betting on e-commerce growth and a focus on quality basics. Improving profitability and growing their online presence could make this retailer a comeback story.

  • E-commerce Focus: Investing in their online shopping experience.
  • Brand Loyalty: Known for durable, classic styles with a dedicated customer base.
  • Competitive Market: The retail apparel sector is crowded and price-sensitive.

Party City Holdco Inc. (PRTY)

Dynamic Stock Chart for TICKER PRTY

Party City is the go-to for party supplies, but helium shortages and inflationary pressures have hurt its bottom line. If they can navigate these short-term headwinds, their stock price could rebound.

  • Celebration Niche: Dominates the party supplies market.
  • Helium Woes: Helium shortages and price increases have impacted profitability.
  • Seasonal Business: Sales heavily concentrated around holidays and special events.

The Bottom Line

Bargain stocks aren't without risk, but the potential rewards can be huge. Winners do their homework, spot the hidden value, and buy when others are too scared.

Miss out on these underpriced gems, and you might regret it as the smart money snaps up shares on the cheap in 2024.

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