The Best 3D Printing Stocks in 2024 (So Far)

April 9, 2024

A comprehensive but brief rundown of the best 3D printing stocks to invest in for 2021!

The 10 Best 3D Printing Stocks This Year

The Best 3D Printing Stocks to Own in 2024: Profit from the Manufacturing Revolution

Forget those old-school, smokestack industries. The real innovation – and the real profit potential – lies in 3D printing. This technology is transforming everything from healthcare to aerospace, and savvy investors are cashing in. Don't get left behind staring at your boring portfolio while 3D printing profits skyrocket.

Why 3D Printing is the Future

  • Customization reimagined: 3D printing creates products on demand, perfectly tailored to individual needs. Think custom prosthetics, faster prototyping, and designs that were impossible before.
  • Goodbye supply chain snags: Manufacturing on-site reduces reliance on global supply chains, ensuring essential parts are always available.
  • Sustainability boost: This technology uses materials more efficiently, minimizing waste and environmental impact.

Let's get to the good stuff: the top 3D printing stocks to watch (and potentially own) in 2024.

3D Systems (DDD) Dynamic Stock Chart for TICKER DDD

A true pioneer, 3D Systems boasts a massive portfolio of printers and technologies. This isn't some start-up with a single product – they're setting the industry standard. They specialize in sectors with huge growth potential:

  • Healthcare push: Patient-specific models and implants are driving sales.
  • Material innovation: Wide selection of materials gives them a competitive edge.
  • Recent dip = potential bargain: Share prices are off their highs, possibly creating an attractive entry point.

The New Digital America: How to Profit from the Historic Shift

Texas Oil Stock

A strange new day is coming to America in 2024. The way we shop, travel, communicate, and do business is being reshaped by emerging technologies like AI, blockchain, and cloud computing.

This digital transformation, accelerated by the pandemic, is creating an entire new class of wealth-building opportunities. Stocks that could soar 100% to 500% or more by taking advantage of this "New Digital America."

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Stratasys (SSYS) Dynamic Stock Chart for TICKER SSYS

Another major player, Stratasys is known for its powerful machines and focus on industrial applications. If you believe 3D printing will shape the factory floor of the future, this stock deserves a close look.

  • Aerospace and automotive clients: Big-name clients demonstrate real-world adoption of their tech.
  • Expanding software solutions: Their software suite complements hardware sales, leading to a wider market.
  • Watch out for volatility: 3D printing stocks can experience wild swings based on market sentiment.

Proto Labs (PRLB) Dynamic Stock Chart for TICKER PRLB

Think of Proto Labs as the on-demand manufacturing factory of the future. They offer 3D printing alongside CNC machining and injection molding, making them a one-stop shop for businesses needing quick, custom parts.

  • Diversified customer base: No single industry dominates, cushioning them against downturns.
  • Fast turnaround times: Their competitive advantage is speed and flexibility.
  • Growth through acquisition: Proto Labs could acquire smaller, innovative firms to expand.

Desktop Metal (DM) Dynamic Stock Chart for TICKER DM

Desktop Metal specializes in metal 3D printing, specifically their unique "binder jetting" technology. This unlocks complex designs and faster production speeds, making them a major player in the industrial space.

  • Target market: mass production: Desktop Metal aims to make 3D printing production runs cost-competitive with traditional manufacturing, disrupting major industries.
  • Ambitious growth goals: Revenue projections are optimistic, but achieving them could lead to massive gains.
  • Still speculative: It's early days for Desktop Metal, so expect more risk than with established players like 3D Systems.

Materialise (MTLS) Dynamic Stock Chart for TICKER MTLS

Hailing from Belgium, Materialise is a powerhouse in 3D printing software and services. It's a different angle, supporting the wider industry rather than directly selling printers.

  • Medical expertise: Their medical-focused software suite is used in everything from surgical planning to custom implants.
  • Partnerships matter: Collaborations with big-name manufactures increase their reach.
  • Niche focus: Less potential for explosive growth compared to those who provide hardware.

Nano Dimension (NNDM) Dynamic Stock Chart for TICKER NNDM

Nano Dimension takes 3D printing to the microscopic level with its "Additive Electronics" technology. Imagine printing circuit boards and other intricate components on demand.

  • High-tech, high-reward potential: This tech is bleeding-edge, opening up new possibilities if successful.
  • Smaller scale for now: Nano Dimension focuses on niche applications, not mass manufacturing.
  • Higher risk: Nano Dimension is heavily reliant on future innovation, making this pick less certain.

Important Note: The 3D printing industry is evolving rapidly. Consider these additional factors when refining your list of contenders:

  • Smaller, disruptive players: Keep an eye on startups with revolutionary technology that could shake up the status quo.
  • Sector-specific focus: Do you believe in the 3D printing transformation of a specific industry (e.g., healthcare, aerospace)? Target companies positioned within that sector.

Final Word

These top picks have the potential to make your portfolio soar in 2024. However, don't blindly follow my lead! Study these companies, understand the risks of 3D printing stocks, and decide if they align with your overall investment strategy. The market rewards those who do their homework – and punishes the lazy.

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