Uncensored Crypto Review

December 23, 2021

uncensored crypto  Docu-Series review (real member)

Worried it's TOO LATE to invest in cryptocurrency?

Well it's not, in fact it's still in its infancy and the greatest potential is still yet to come!

Hi, my name is Jenna Lofton and I'm a (former) financial advisor, and full time business owner and investor based in New York City.

I JOINED UNCENSORED CRYPTO, and in this article, I'm going to go into detail on the Uncensored Crypto "docu-series" launch from Serial entrepreneur Michael Hearne and share my thoughts, both good and bad!

So, let's get to the reason you're here!

What IS Uncensored Crypto All About?

I got it, so I can show you! 😎

But first, a little background info - Bitcoin is the #1 performing asset of the decade.

It has trounced the returns of everything: Stocks… real estate… goldsilver… bonds… you name it.

Had you invested $100 back in 2012, it would now be worth $910,716.

Bitcoin may lose its crown though…

Several new cryptocurrencies are vying for the throne.

I’m talking about cryptocurrencies that are still virtually unknown, yet could unleash trillions of dollars in wealth. With investors who get in early on them potentially seeing returns of hundreds, even thousands of percent.

On a mission to uncover these “next bitcoins”, Michael Hearne spent the last year chasing down 56 industry insiders.

He convinced these cryptocurrency experts to sit down for a private one-on-one interview where he drilled them on everything from:

  • What’s next for crypto
  • the project they’re betting on
  • the risks and rewards they see on the horizon
  • the threats crypto faces
  • how anyone can get started
  • and much, much more

THAT is what Uncensored Crypto is all about.  It's a FREE 9 episode docu-series, no catch.  

However, the creators behind it are so sure you'll love the info-packed episodes that you'll want to buy the whole series to re-watch at the end (they're right, you will).

So, What's Inside? - Here's What You'll Be Learning:

You have the 9 main episodes, and you do NOT want to miss a single one!

EPISODE 1: The Crypto Revolution

  • How the carnage of the 2008 financial crisis birthed a new type of monetary system, and how this revolutionary new system works for you.
  • Bigger than the internet? Why Bitcoin’s underlying technology is as disruptive the web in 1995 and how it will transform almost every aspect of society, whether you invest or not.
  • The Tipping Point: Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies are on the cusp of mass adoption (here’s what you need to do immediately before you’re left behind).
  • The Blockchain, Explained. A simple breakdown of the Blockchain and why it’s the only way to restore our freedom, our sovereignty, and escape “surveillance capitalism.”
  • How Decentralized Finance is on its way to becoming a $4 TRILLION asset class (and that’s a conservative estimate)… and how you can profit from this tsunami of wealth.
  • How to safely earn investment yield 67x higher by “opting out” of the legacy financial system (millions have already done it, here’s how you can too, no matter how little you’re starting with).
  • Corrupted Currency: Why our current fiat monetary system is broken beyond repair and how cryptocurrencies are the only way to restore equality and balance. 
  • 4 ways to invest in crypto: How to select the approach that’s right for you (plus, the risks and rewards of each detailed by a professional investor)
  • Bitcoin vs. Gold? Here’s the unfiltered truth about which asset class is right for you and your money.
  • Inflation is eroding your money and it’s only going to get worse… here’s how you can escape the wealth destroying impact of inflation through cryptocurrencies.
  • Government insider exposes the terrifying truth about the Federal Reserve’s “Central Bank Digital Dollar” project (and why it would be a disaster for US citizens).      
  • The Battle for Tomorrow’s Wealth & Power: Why the fight for our future is taking place on the battlefield of currencies and money, and the dire consequences if we lose.
  • EPISODE 2: Beyond Bitcoin

    • Why Bitcoin’s returns will continue to outperform stocks, real estate, and any traditional investment, even if growth plunges by as much as 75%.
    • The New Gold Rush: How today’s cryptocurrency market is like the California Gold Rush and how you can turn the frenzy into potentially life-changing profits.
    • A Rigged Game: How the legacy financial system sets you up to fail while making the gatekeepers and Ivory Tower elites richer than Midas (Plus: how you can win by choosing the new, DeFi system)
    • Warning: This is the #1 mistake new crypto investors make.
    • How you can “Front Run” the millionaire class and potentially make a killing in crypto, but only if: 1) you follow these steps and 2) you get in immediately before this window closes.
    • EXPOSED: The truth about “Decentralization”… why most projects are decentralized in name only… and how you can spot the difference. 
    • Will Bitcoin Fail? Josh Lawler says “YES”… listen to his controversial insights for the case against Bitcoin, plus learn where he believes the future of crypto lies.
    • How to potentially bank returns as high as 50-100x – without being a professional investor, without needing a huge starting sum, and without spending all day researching projects. 
    • Bitcoin vs Ethereum? Our guests duke it out over which crypto will reign supreme in the years to come (must watch for any investor)
    • How fraudsters and shills leverage Bitcoin to “Orange Wash” their scams – and how to spot these cons so you don’t suffer a rug pull ever again. 

    EPISODE 3: A New Internet, Web 3.0

    • Understanding the evolution of the internet and why Web3.0 – built on the blockchain – will solve many of today’s biggest online problems, including censorship, oligarchical control, digital rights, and more.
    • Former banking insider exposes how cryptocurrencies are going to eat the multi-trillion financial industry (Plus the two cryptos that are leading the charge).
    • How Web3.0 could destroy the “FAANGs”…    
    • Why Web3.0 companies could make you, the user, rich… instead of the C-Suite executives. And what you can do to usher in this paradigm shift. 
    • How you’re being exploited by Silicon Valley without ever knowing it! (They’ve built trillion dollar companies off your back and never given you a cent in return).
    • Why Web3.0 is the only way to end “Techno-Feudalism.” Without this technology, the world will be controlled by a handful of CEO’s who can dictate reality. 
    • How cryptocurrencies are rewriting the way we govern ourselves… wrestling control away from increasingly authoritarian politicians and giving it back to the people!
    • DAOs: The importance of Decentralized Autonomous Organisations and how they have the potential to revolutionise everything from voting to corporate board management.

    EPISODE 4: The Everything Revolution

    • NFTs, explained. What they are, why they’re a game-changer, why they went viral, and what’s next for this $20 billion marketplace.
    • What most people have wrong about NFTs (they’re arguably the most misunderstood asset in the crypto-verse and here’s why this could cost you a fortune.
    • How crypto is disrupting the $64 billion art world and giving artists a new avenue of expression – free from censorship – and the counter intuitive reason why this is critically important.
    • CryptoPunk early investor reveals what he thinks is next for the NFT world… how you can get involved… and why they could be far more disruptive than most people realise.
    • Trading NFTs: How to profitably buy and sell NFTs without being an art critic, experienced trader, or needing any special skills (just follow this simple method).
    • Can NFTs help save the world? How entrepreneurs are using NFTs to save the rainforest, oceans, preserve ancient sights, and even fight climate change.
    • The Metaverse: Understanding the metaverse, why cryptocurrency plays a critical role, and how you can be an early investor in this new digital world. 

    EPISODE 5:The Rise of DeFi

    • How to earn 6-10% on your savings, with strictly limited risk, by cutting out the traditional financial system and putting your money in these cryptos.
    • Where all the smart money in crypto is flowing now (with a potential market of 7 BILLION people, this sector is due to experience exponential growth)
    • Why Bitcoin is on pace to hit $500,000 per coin – at a low estimate.
    • How to invest in cryptocurrency without facing the volatile price swings, uncertainty, and risks (plus: get the names of these cryptos, for free)
    • Break The Chains: How the Government uses money to control you and how DeFi can help free you and your loved ones from this servitude.
    • Former Wall Street trader explains how Stablecoins (dollar-pegged assets) are fuelling a colossal expansion in the crypto markets and how to profit from this growth. 
    • Proof: Why Decentralized Finance (DeFi) is one of the “biggest, most revolutionary technologies in the history of mankind” and what it means for the financial system.
    • How cryptocurrencies are reversing the multi-thousand year trend towards centralisation and top down control… and helping to restore power to the people. 
    • 20% returns per year? Here’s how to turn your crypto-holdings into a cash-cow (including the exact protocols we suggest)
    • The End of Wall Street: How crypto is a death-sentence to major banks, brokerages, and institutions – and why they’re trying to pivot to survive. 
    • The “red flags” to watch for when investing in new cryptocurrencies (avoid these at your own peril)

    EPISODE 6: The Sovereign Individual

    • How your freedom of speech is under attack by Silicon Valley marxists and how one cryptocurrency company is fighting to restore your God-given rights.
    • The Social Dilemma: How Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram exploit your data to make billions, and how you can take back control of this invaluable asset.
    • Why crypto is the only way to turn back the tide of cancel culture, censorship, and the growing authoritative leanings of politicians all across the world.
    • How Bitcoin Mining could help states keep taxes low, improve social services, and even pay their citizens a yearly dividend – while freeing them from Federal control.
    • The Dark Side of the Blockchain: How bad actors could exploit this technology to create an 1984-esque dystopian world. (Plus: how we can stop this)
    • How crypto fights censorship and restores personal sovereignty by cutting out all the middlemen, gatekeepers, and bureaucrats that have controlled us for hundreds of years.
    • Plus much, much more!

    EPISODE 7: Crypto Vs. Fiat

    • US Digital Dollar? The Government’s token is NOT a real crypto but instead a new way for the Government to gain more control over your life. 
    • How the blockchain can help alleviate poverty by opening the banking system to billions of people globally – and what this will do to the price of cryptocurrencies.
    • How the banking system is secretly stealing 8-10% of your income every year and how to get that money back by moving to the DeFi universe.
    • NAMED: The #1 crypto that’s bringing banking to billions of the “unbanked”
    • “Bitcoin is used by criminals” – exposing the truth behind this media created lie designed to persuade people away from investing in cryptocurrencies.
    • The #1 target regulators have in their crosshairs, and why (Plus: the reason why they won’t be able to stop the flood of assets into crypto)
    • How the Federal Reserve has so brutally debased the currency that they’ve backed themselves into a corner they can’t get out of (and what it means for your savings, your wealth, and your future).
    • Plus much, much more!

    EPISODE 8: The Dark Side of Crypto

    • Government insider reveals what’s being discussed behind closed doors in Washington (want to know what Congress really thinks of crypto, you need to see this)
    • Why fears of regulation killing cryptocurrency are overblown and misunderstood (Plus: the reason why the Government can’t stop the adoption of crypto, no matter what they try) 
    • Crypto Scams: Red flags to look out for… danger signs to avoid… and stories from the trenches that have lost investors millions of dollars.
    • The Truth About The Silk Road: Ross Ulbrich’s Mom comes clean on  Ross’s corrupt trial and what you can learn from the Government’s treatment of this case.
    • Why the people calling for “no regulation” of the crypto markets have it wrong and why regulation would be a net-positive for the markets.
    • Plus much, much more!

    EPISODE 9: Crypto Vs. Climate

    • Bitcoin Mining, explained. How Mining works, why it’s important, and how you can get started as miner to potentially earn extra income.
    • Why Bitcoin Mining does NOT cause climate change… as you’ll discover it’s actually environmentally beneficially in several different ways.
    • How to exploit the “Duck Curve” as a crypto-miner to maximize your profit potential (and why mining without this will probably cost you money).
    • How crypto-mining is driving the next phase of Clean Energy innovation
    • Plus much, much more!

    If this is not your thing, you may like the Power Gauge Report, by Marc Chaikin! You can read my full review of it here: Power Gauge Report Review

    About the author 

    Jenna Lofton, the founder of StockHitter.com, has been actively trading stocks and investing for nearly 11 years.

    She holds an MBA in Finance, and another in Business Administration, and lives in Staten Island, NY.

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