Stansberry’s Credit Opportunities Review

January 23, 2023

Hi All, Jenna Lofton here and THANK YOU for stopping by to read my Stansberry's Credit Opportunities Review.

For those that don't follow me, it's important to know one very important thing;  I NEVER review a product unless I've personally gone through the program or training to make sure it (more-or-less) delivers on what it promises.

That was certainly the case with Stansberry's Credit Opportunities, so - let's get to the reason you're here!

What IS Stansberry's Credit Opportunities All About?

(I Joined, So I Can Show You!)

Well, to sum it up in one sentence - Stansberry's Credit Opportunities is an advanced research service designed to find the best investment opportunities in the distressed corporate bond market.

To expand on this just a tad bit, Credit Opportunities is about how one Stansberry Reader, Rob Lamoureux, was able to retire at age 52 using just ONE (very straightforward) investment technique.

Rob had no special skills. No once-in-a-lifetime insight like loading up on bitcoin 10 years ago... or Amazon in 2005.  He just had a simple, repeatable technique that changed everything for him and his family.

Want to know what that secret is?

He wasn't investing in stocks.  He wasn't investing in options. But rather, he was investing in BONDS, and saw returns such as:

Again, this was all WITHOUT ever touching stocks, options, crypto, or anything else you've likely considered.

And WITHOUT using leverage, "shorting," or anything speculative like that.

What's Included When You Join?

So, with all of the above being said - let's get to the reason you're here, what IS Stansbery's Credit Opportunities all about? 

The Issues & Updates (The primary newsletter)

The Issues/Newsletter

Stansberry's Credit Opportunities is published on the third Wednesday of each month. 

Each month, they'll update you on the current model portfolio, along with every new recommendation they make as the next debt cycle unfolds.

They'll show you:

  • Exactly when and how to invest
  • Tow much to pay
  • And (most importantly) when it’s time to sell

The Special Reports

Also included in the members area are a handful of special reports, at no extra cost for you.

Special Reports

Stansberry's Credit Opportunies Primer

The Stansberry’s Credit Opportunities Primer explains everything you need to know about how to buy bonds… how they work… brokerage firms you can use… what to say on the phone with a “bond desk”… and more. If you're totally new to this (which is fine, we all start off new at some point), this is the PERFECT place to start!

Your Guide to the Coming Credit Collapse

This is the playbook you need right now, today. There’s nothing else like it in the world that I know of, because almost no one else is even doing this type of research.

You’ll learn exactly what we expect to happen… when… and exactly what we recommend you do to set yourself up for the same kind of potential gains (above 500% in some case) readers saw after the '08 financial crisis.

The First Wave of 'Crisis Bonds': Three Buy-Now Opportunities for Huge Gains

Edward Altman is better at predicting corporate bankruptcies than anyone else in the world.
And his latest prediction is chilling...

The New York University professor created the famous "Altman Z-score" in 1968. The 52-year-old formula assigns a number to a company based on several financial variables.

The Altman Z-score has proven to be 80% to 90% effective at predicting which companies will go bankrupt within the next two years. It's so reliable as a credit-strength test that hedge funds and investment managers often use it when analyzing companies.

When it comes to the recent market turmoil, Altman isn't mincing words...

In an interview with Yahoo Finance in March, Altman warned that – in terms of the amount of debt that will go bad – we're headed for the worst period for corporate defaults that we've ever seen. He expects $150 billion in high-yield (or "junk") debt to default.

It might even be higher than that...

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the world's economies have ground to a halt... At the same time, oil prices have collapsed to around $30 per barrel. With corporate debt at an all-time high and credit quality at an all-time low, it's simply a recipe for disaster.

We don't know when business will get back to normal again. But we believe things are likely to get much worse before they get better...

A global recession – two consecutive quarters of declining gross domestic product – is all but a certainty now. The only question is whether it will develop into a depression (a decline that lasts for years).

Either way, we can expect a lot of companies to default on their loans in the months to come, and that's where this report comes in. 

It makes multiple 'buy' recommendations for bonds, and is definitely worth taking a look at!

How to Open a Brokerage Account to Buy Corporate Bonds

Since launching Stansberry's Credit Opportunities, they've received a number of e-mails from subscribers with questions about setting up a brokerage account to handle the investment ideas.

To help you in this process... they've contacted a number of major brokerage firms to compare their fee structures. They've compiled that information in a helpful table within the report.

You will note we list a number of online brokerage firms as well as a couple of firms that offer a full-service brokerage, portfolio-management, and investment services.

Spotting the 'Golden Triangle'

They've looked for an easier and quicker way to give our subscribers the opportunity to consistently double their money within one to two years. Almost every finance professor and Wall Street trader will tell you that it's impossible to do that on a regular basis.

And it's true that it's extremely difficult... they've failed to find a way. Until now.

Through extensive research, they've uncovered a strategy that reliably identifies stocks that are poised to soar quickly. You see, when this rare pattern forms in the relationship between a company's stock and bond prices, it sends us a "buy" signal.

We call this pattern the "Golden Triangle"... And on average, the stocks that we studied where this Golden Triangle formed went on to more than double in two years.

This Golden Triangle strategy is our most important breakthrough yet...

But it occurred when we weren't even looking for it. In fact, we weren't even analyzing stocks when we found the Golden Triangle strategy.

We made this discovery while researching corporate bonds. If you're not familiar with corporate bonds, they're simply loans made to companies by individual investors.

As longtime Stansberry's Credit Opportunities subscribers know, we search through roughly 40,000 corporate bonds every month. We look for safe bonds that trade at distressed, "bargain bin" prices. These so-called "outliers" offer much higher returns than normal, given their level of safety. They often lead us to low-risk, double-digit returns.

Using this strategy, they've done incredibly well... Through September, they've averaged a 21% return across all closed positions. They've held them for an average of nine months, which amounts to an annualized gain of 27%.

While these returns are phenomenal for "boring" investments like bonds, they believe they'll do much better for subscribers in the coming years, thanks to our Golden Triangle discovery.

In this report, they've "pull back the curtain" on this Golden Triangle strategy...

They'll show you how we discovered this breakthrough in the middle of 2017... and share the results of our exhaustive study that proved this strategy works. They'll also explain how and why this signal leads us to triple-digit winners. And most important, they'll reveal the top two Golden Triangle buying opportunities for investors today.

The Model Portfolio

The Model Portfolio

There are quite a few more recommendations in the portfolio, I just could not include them all while keeping the screen shot a decent size

* The "Yield to Maturity" column is the original planned annualized return of the investment – including both capital gains and income – that you will earn assuming you bought the investment on the reference date at the reference price and hold it to maturity. The "Current Yield to Maturity" column is the annualized return of the investment – including both capital gains and income – that you will earn if you buy the investment today at the recent price and hold it to maturity.

^ The "Ref. Price" column includes accrued interest owed to the bond seller at the time of purchase.

As a new member, you’ll receive instant access to their entire model portfolio of recommended bonds.

Now, it should be obvious but I can NOT share the portfolio or recommendations with you! LOL

What I CAN share is, that while many of them are down right now due to the current state of the market, they're long term investments, most of them are green - a 'buy' recommendation, AND when the market eventually picks back up, these should be improving as well.

There are currently 15 recommendations with the 'buy' rating. Each of them include VERY specific instructions, for example

  • Buy ABC Pickle Corp (NYSE: ABC) common stock up to $35 per share.
  • They also give the investment a 'risk' rating, such as "moderate risk", or "low risk".
  • And if you need to sell, or sell early for any reason - they'll let you know that as well!

Let's see, anything i'm forgetting? OH YES - The Money Back Guarantee! 

30 Day Satisfaction Guarantee

I almost forgot to mention this!  They do offer a satisfaction guarantee, but it's a bit different than you're used to.  Because they're sending you the full model portfolio immediately, they can’t allow cash refunds on this offer.

It wouldn’t be fair to their existing subscribers.

The model portfolio and special reports are easily worth more than $10,000 and give away the details of every single actionable recommendation we’re making right now, plus what we're currently watching.

For obvious reasons, they can’t allow you to join… receive this information… and then refund right away. Their business model doesn’t work that way.

But if you try Credit Opportunities and decide you’re not happy within the first 30-days, no problem. You can receive the full purchase price in the form of Stansberry Credit and apply it to any other Stansberry product at any time within the next year – no questions asked.

My Credit Opportunities Review & Final Verdict

There's no way to sugar coat it, Credit Opportunities is one of the more costly products from Stansberry Research, however it provides a unique approach to investing that you would be unlikely to find anywhere else.

For individuals unfamiliar with corporate bonds, they may be extremely difficult to understand. As a result, diving into the market on your own might be hazardous.

Lucky for us, Stansberry’s Credit Opportunities is an amazing and all inclusive solution for those interested in investing in bonds.

Because bonds require a greater degree of knowledge than equities, bond-focused services are frequently more expensive than stock market alternatives. That said, this price point is amazing as they've brought it down from $6,000 to only $2,000 for 2 YEARS of access.

With all that in mind, I can say with confidence that 'yes', credit opportunities by Stansberry Research is worth the price. Plus, you also get a 30-day, 100% satisfaction guarantee that gives you a bailout option in the event you don’t like the services.

About the author 

Jenna Lofton, an expert in stock trading, investing, and financial planning, combines over a decade of experience with rigorous academic training. Holding dual MBAs in Finance and Business Administration from the University of Maryland, Jenna's expertise is grounded in a deep understanding of the financial markets. Her career, which started on Wall Street, has evolved into empowering others through her insights and analyses in the dynamic world of finance.

Based in New York City, Jenna's approach is informed by her hands-on experience as a former financial advisor and her keen observation of market trends. She is known for translating complex financial concepts into actionable strategies, making her a valuable resource for both seasoned investors and newcomers to the stock market. Her commitment to financial literacy and her ability to demystify investment principles have made her a respected and authoritative voice in the investment community.

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