Andy Krieger’s Big BIG Trade Event!

Hey Folks, GREAT News!

A legendary moneymaker has come out of solitude and we have never seen someone like this person in our space—period.

This guy has made trades so significant, he has actually nearly shut down the central banks of several countries – that’s not a typo.

He’s the only individual we know who has executed a trade that’s generated $300 million in profit – read this again – he produced $300 MILLION with one SINGLE trade.

It was done in 1987, when trades were made manually, well before the internet and Meta Trader 5.

His name: Andy Krieger. Look him up on Google and you’ll see how big of a deal this is.

Andy’s been called one of “the most aggressive traders in history,” despite his extreme aversion to risk.


He became notorious for “breaking the Kiwi” in 1987, making $300 million in earnings in a single day (NZD/USD) for Bankers Trust. Every foreign exchange expert has studied this trade… and it’s explained in every MBA program.

That’s not even his greatest… or most successful trade. That’s only the one he’s famous for because news of this big trade radiated like wildfire around the world..


​For years, people have wanted to know “What’s Andy Krieger thinking?” And, on February 20th, 2020, he’s climbing back into the spotlight for the first time in his first live interview ever.

Why? Andy says another Big Trade is coming. He feels this is the single biggest moneymaking moment he’s seen since he “broke the Kiwi”.

Here’s what’s happening…

He is seeing an unusual convergence of compression across various currencies. They are ALL pointing to the same big event in mid 2020.

A BIG Big Trade you can make 30X from. The best bit? He’s looking for a small group of students to trade it with him.

More info on that coming VERY soon, so stay tuned!

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