9 Casino Stocks That Could Make A Comeback in 2024

January 13, 2023

9 Casino Stocks That Could Make A Comeback in 2021

If you're looking to double your investments or better, it's well worth considering investing in a variety of casino stocks. Although the casino industry was hit hard by the global Covid-19 pandemic, with Covid-19 vaccinations being distributed around the world, it's overly likely that casino stocks will experience a dramatic increase in price during the next 24 months. To discover some of the best casino stocks to add to your investment portfolio this year, simply continue reading. As there are plenty of opportunities to make a profit in 2021 by investing in casino stocks.

Casino Stocks That Could Make A Comeback in 2021:

Bally's Corporation:

Bally's Corporation was originally named Twin River Worldwide and became Bally's Corporation when it acquired the well-known Bally's casino brand. Besides owning and operating 10 casinos which are located across six states, Bally's Corporation also owns horse racing tracks in 7 states across the country.

While the company's share price was adversely affected by the Covid-19 pandemic, Bally's Corporation is forecasted to make a quick recovery in 2021. One reason why Bally Corporation's share price is likely to rise is that it has recently invested heavily into online sports wagering. A fast-growing industry that was worth $203 billion in the United States at the end of 2020.

Furthermore, as more states are set to legalize online sports betting and online casino games. As an example, discussions about legalizing online gambling have recently been making headlines in New York. While there is also growing hope that large states such as Texas, Florida, and California could legalize online gambling by the end of the year. Bally's Corporation has made it clear that they're ready to offer exciting online gaming to residents of states which decide to formally legalize online gambling.

Boyd Gaming Corporation:

Boyd Gaming Corporation is a successful, family-run company that owns and manages casinos, resorts, and restaurants throughout the United States. Boyd Gaming Corporation was founded in Nevada by Sam Boyd and is now led by his son, Billy Boyd.

You may be interested in investing in Boyd Gaming Corporation as an insider recently purchased $16 million dollars of shares in the company in 2020. Which is a key sign that an experienced investor believes that Boyd Gaming Corporation is resilient enough to survive the international Covid-19 pandemic.

Even during the height of the pandemic, Boyd Gaming Corporation still managed to accumulate approximately $652 million dollars in revenue during the third quarter of 2020. This figure is decent considering that in the third quarter of 2019, the company earned $819 million dollars. While a decrease in revenue of $167 million dollars may seem like a steep decline, compared to the losses which were posted by some of Boyd Gaming Corporation's rivals, the decline isn't so bad. Keep in mind, that during the height of the Covid-19 pandemic, some casino companies failed to make 50% of their normal profits.

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Ceasar's Entertainment:

Ceasar's Entertainment is the fourth-largest gaming company in the world. It currently owns and operates 55 US-based casinos, 8 of which are located on the Las Vegas Strip. Some key examples of which include Ceasars Palace, Harrah's Las Vegas, Paris Las Vegas, the LINQ Hotel, and Casino and Flamingo Las Vegas. All of which have unique brand identities and are among the most famous casinos in Las Vegas.

Once domestic and international travel starts to make a recovery, it's likely that all of Ceasar's Entertainment's Las Vegas casinos will attract large numbers of guests and visitors again. As all of the casinos and resorts which are operated by Ceasar's Entertainment have strong brands which will attract large numbers of visitors. Especially when the country opens up to international visitors once again.

One reason to invest in Ceasar's Entertainment is that it's currently in negotiations to purchase William Hill. If Ceasar's Entertainment successfully takes over William Hill, it will become the third biggest sportsbook operator in the United States. Such a move would allow the company to overtake both MGM and Penn National as a sportsbook operator.

Las Vegas Sands:

Las Vegas Sands develops and operates casinos and resorts across the United States and Asia. If you're looking to invest in a casino stock that will continue to rise in price in the next few years, it's worth ensuring in Las Vegas Sands. Particularly as Las Vegas Sands is looking to open new casinos and resorts in brand new markets. For example, Las Vegas Sands plans to open integrated resorts in Yokohama and Tokyo, Japan. As three years ago Japan finally legalized casino gambling. If Las Vegas Sands is successful in its bid to earn a gambling license and to build gaming resorts in Japan, it will be one of the first American casino companies to own and operate casinos in Japan. Which offers a large, untapped market.

Las Vegas Sands also intends to heavily invest in opening more casinos in Macau. Due to the fact that Macau is a popular tourist destination for Asian tourists who are interested in gambling.

You may also be interested in investing in Las Vegas Sands shares as while Las Vegas Sands were forced to suspend their dividends in 2020 due to the economic toll of the international Coronavirus pandemic, economists believe that there is strong evidence that the company will offer dividends to its investors by the end of the year. Especially as Las Vegas Sands boasts strong liquidity and a healthy balance sheet.

Red Rocks Resorts Inc:

Red Rocks Resorts Inc. is a fast-growing chain of resorts and casinos that owns and operates 21 strategically located properties. To date, Red Rocks Resorts Inc. has invested approximately $6 billion dollars into creating entertainment destinations, in multiple casino-friendly jurisdictions. Red Rocks Resorts Inc has a growing presence in Las Vegas and has a portfolio that features 10 major Las Vegas-based gaming properties as well as 10 smaller gaming properties. Right now, Red Rocks Resorts Inc. offers around 22,250 slot machines, 450 table games, and 4,000 hotel rooms.

One reason to invest in Red Rocks Resorts Inc. is that the bulk of its properties have room for expansion. Furthermore, Red Rocks Resorts Inc. also owns 428 acres of development sites in both Reno and Las Vegas which are ideal for new gaming properties.

Another way that Red Rocks Resorts Inc. differentiates itself from its rivals is by investing in Native American gaming which is a growing industry. In fact, Red Rocks Inc. owns one of the largest Native American gaming casinos in the state of California.

MGM Resorts:

If you're keen to invest in casino stocks, it's also worth considering investing in MGM resorts as it also owns traditional brick-and-mortar casinos and has a growing online presence. As MGM Resorts online casinos have become increasingly popular during the Covid-19 pandemic, the company has proven its resilience during uncertain economic times and is worth adding to your investment portfolio.

MGM Resorts is also a smart investment as it owns 29 properties across the United States and Macau, the latter of which is located in Asia. As the majority of MGM Resorts are located in the United States, it was not as adversely affected by the Covid-19 pandemic as two of its rival Vegas Sands and Wynn Properties. Both of which had a larger share of their properties located in Macau, which became cut off from the rest of the world due to the Covid-19 pandemic. While MGM's US resorts and casinos still were able to bring in revenue from domestic travelers. In fact, MGM resorts were able to open all of its properties to some extent by September of 2020.

Another key reason to invest in MGM Resorts is that it continues to invest heavily in BetMGM, a comprehensive online gambling platform that allows users to make sports bets and to play a wide variety of casino games such as poker. At the end of 2020, BETMGM brought amassed an impressive revenue of $178 million dollars, which was well above the company's forecast of $150-$160 million. Better yet, MGM resorts predict that BETMGM's revenue for the coming year will grow by over 100%.

Monarch Casino & Resort:

If you're looking to invest in a smaller casino company that has the potential to grow and double its share price, it's well worth investigating the possibility of investing in Monarch Casino & Resort. Monarch Casino & Resort is a growing Nevada-based casino company that currently owns two major gambling properties, the Atlantis Casino Resort & Spa which is located in Reno, and the Monarch Casino Black Hawk which is located in Colorado.

You may be surprised to learn that while most of the country's major casino companies struggled financially in 2020, Monarch Casino & Resort actually managed to increase their net income and their gaming revenue in 2020. Although, their overall revenue was less than their overall revenue in 2019. In 2021 Monarch Casino & Resort has also posted promising results and the company's share price has increased steadily in the first few months of 2021.

As Monarch Casino & Resort has a small portfolio of two properties, if you purchase stocks in Monarch Casino & Resort today and the company ends up expanding in the future and opening new properties, you should be able to make a profit by selling your shares. Although you may want to hold on to the shares which you acquire if Monarch Casino & Resort offers competitive dividends.

Penn National Gaming Inc:

Penn National Gaming Inc owns and operates high-profile casinos and racing facilities. Two examples of which include Tropicana Las Vegas and Hollywood Casino at Penn National Race Course. In total, Penn National Gaming currently owns 43 properties which are spread throughout the United States and Canada.

One reason that financial experts that Penn National Gaming Inc. will increase in price in 2021 is that its long-time chief financial officer David Williams has recently made the decision to step down from his role. Williams will be replaced by Felicia Hendrix, who was a managing director and equity at Barclays and handled Barclay's gaming, leisure and entertainment industries. It's thought that under Hendrix's management Penn National Gaming Inc will be able to expand and increase its revenue by the end of 2021.

Scientific Games Corporation:

Scientific Games Corporation is an American-based business that produces high-quality gambling products and solutions. Two of the products which Scientific Games Corporation specializes in include slot machine games and lottery systems. However, it also develops sports betting technology, server-based gaming, social-based casino solutions, and loyalty programs for casinos.

Some of the popular slot machine games which have been developed by Scientific Games Corporation include Epic Fortunes, 88 Fortunes - Lucky Gong, and Cash Burst - Orb of Atlantis. So if you want to further diversify your investment portfolio, it's well worth investing in Scientific Games Corporation as it provides the systems which casinos rely on, each day. Besides investing in a variety of casino chains.

Scientific Games Corporation also develops casino-style games for a variety of online platforms such as Facebook, Amazon, the Apple App Store, and Google Play. Which provides the company with additional revenue streams.

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In conclusion, if you're looking to make a competitive profit from the investments which you make in 2021, it's definitely a wise idea to purchase a wide variety of casino stocks. As the casino industry is slated to make a recovery in 2021 and if you purchase undervalued casino shares in 2021, they're likely to be worth a lot more in 2022. Regardless of how quickly the industry makes a full recovery from the financial impact of the pandemic, casino stocks should retain their value as most large casino companies are now investing heavily in online betting and gaming.

Furthermore, some companies such as MGM have developed their own gaming apps, which are quickly gaining traction, as they allow gamers to play their favorite casino games at their leisure without needing to visit a traditional, brick-and-mortar casino. In general, opt to invest in casino stocks that have multiple revenue streams and invest in traditional casino properties as well as online gaming and sports betting.

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