The Best Fitness & Gym Stocks of in 2024

April 5, 2024

In this post, we go into the Top 10 Fitness & Gym Stocks of the year, so far! 
Best Gym & Fitness Stocks

Get Ripped and Rich: Top Fitness Stocks for 2024

Here's the deal: fitness is a business. And just like any business, it's ruthless. Some players will get swole and loaded, others will flop harder than a dude trying to bench press his ego. 2024 could be the year the real winners flex their muscles, leaving the posers gasping for air.

The Fitness Boom (and Bust?)

The world's got a weird obsession with looking good. Gyms? Packed. Workout gear? Flying off the shelves. Supplements? Enough to make a biochemist drool. It's a goldmine...if you know where to dig. Thing is, fitness trends are like Instagram influencers – hot one minute, forgotten the next. This ain't a game of buying whatever's got a flashy pump. You gotta see who's built to last.

2024's Fitness Stock Contenders

Let's break down the players who might pump up your portfolio. Remember, these ain't guaranteed winners – do your homework before throwing cash at any of them!

Planet Fitness (PLNT)

Dynamic Stock Chart for TICKER PLNT The Walmart of gyms. Cheap memberships, no-nonsense attitude, and they target the average Joe, not gym rats. This model thrived during past recessions. Think of them as the cockroach of the industry – hard to kill, but not exactly glamorous.

* Why it might rise in 2024: If the economy takes a beating, more people ditch those pricey gyms and flock to Planet Fitness for the bare-bones workout.

Peloton (PTON)

Dynamic Stock Chart for TICKER PTON The pandemic made 'em a superstar, then reality hit hard. They're betting on people staying hooked on pricey bikes and those online classes. If the at-home fitness craze keeps going, they could rebound. But if gyms fully reopen... ouch. High-risk, high-potential play.

* Why it might rise in 2024: A new virus scare drives people back indoors, or they pull off a genius pivot that convinces folks home workouts are the future.

Xponential Fitness (XPOF)

Dynamic Stock Chart for TICKER XPOF They own a bunch of those fancy boutique fitness studios – think Pilates, barre, the ones with crazy names. They're targeting folks with more money than time, the kind who cancel memberships the second the economy gets rocky.

* Why it might rise in 2024: The rich stay rich, even in tough times. If the stock market bounces back, these folks might have extra cash burning holes in their designer yoga pants.

Life Time Group Holdings (LTH)

Dynamic Stock Chart for TICKER LTH These are the luxury gyms – the kind with pools, spas, and smoothie bars that cost more than your grocery bill. It's a bet that wealthy folks won't cut back on their swanky workouts, even if times get tough.

* Why it might rise in 2024: Same reason as Xponential - a strong economy means those country club memberships stay active.

Nautilus (NLS)

Dynamic Stock Chart for TICKER NLS Remember those Bowflex commercials? That's them. Old-school home workout equipment. They could boom again if another pandemic or a recession sends people ditching gyms to sweat it out in their basements.

* Why it might rise in 2024: Supply chain issues ease up, making their equipment cheaper, plus folks get paranoid about crowded gyms again.

Johnson Health Tech (JHT)

[Taiwanese stock, no US ticker] These guys make Matrix and other brands of gym equipment. They're less about US trends and more about global gym growth. A slightly safer play, but with less explosive potential.

* Why it might rise in 2024: China fully reopens, driving a massive demand for gyms across Asia.

lululemon athletica (LULU)

Dynamic Stock Chart for TICKER LULU Sure, they sell overpriced yoga pants, but they've built a cult following. It's more than workout gear; it's a lifestyle brand. If the "athleisure" trend keeps going strong, they're a force to be reckoned with.

* Why it might rise in 2024: Lululemon keeps their brand image aspirational, people don't care about the price tag if it makes them feel part of the cool, fit crowd.

Pro Tip: Winners Never Quit

Investing in fitness is like a marathon, not a sprint. These companies will rise and fall with consumer trends, the economy, and how well they adapt.

Do your research, understand their weaknesses, and be ready to cut your losses if they ain't performing.

Disclaimer: I Ain't Your Personal Trainer

This ain't financial advice, it's about spotting opportunities. Invest in what you understand, and don't gamble more than you can afford to lose. Get ripped in the gym, and maybe your portfolio too!

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